KRATOS Power Inverter
KRATOS Power Inverter
KRATOS Power Inverter

KRATOS Power Inverter

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Our new KRATOS inverter is small in size and big on performance. Now you can light up to 2 square feet ( 288 Sq. In. ) of LumiLor with an inverter that fits in the palm of your hand. Best yet, it's super light weight at only 2.3oz, and the solid state technology means no annoying humming noise.

Our KRATOS Power Inverter brings you the best of everything, Big Power, Small Size, Light Weight, No Noise. Order some for your next project and see the difference KRATOS makes for yourself. 

  • Size: 2.5”L x 1.5”W x 1”H  ( 1/3 the size of all other large inverters )
  • Weight: 2.3oz (65g)
  • Input 12V-36V
  • Output 160V @ 600Hz , 10w
  • Powers approximately 288 Sq. In.
  • 2 modes - ON and FLASH
  • Solid State - Quiet!


DO NOT use this inverter to lightup LumiLor for the first time during the initial paint application process, UNLESS you follow the instructions given below, or you will damage the inverter. 
Apply a light coat of CTC over the area you intend to light up. Use a heat gun to dry the CTC and allow it to flash off. Then once the CTC is dry, turn the inverter ON. If needed, you can apply more CTC over the lit fields at this time. 

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