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LumiLor Bundles

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LumiLor Bundles

Once you’ve mastered the Starter Kit, it’s all about the Bundles! Available in 8 color options, this paint only package is a great value that comes in both 4oz & 8oz Bundles. Each Bundle contains the correct amount of material to cover the following:

  • 4oz bundles cover approximately 1.5-2 sq.ft. (.14 to .23 square meters) Includes: (1)4oz Backplane, (1) 4oz Dielectric, (1) 4oz LumiColor, (1) 4oz Conductive Top Coat,
  • 8oz bundles cover approximately 3-4 sq.ft. (.28 to .46 square meters) (1)8oz Backplane, (1) 8oz Dielectric, (1) 8oz LumiColor, (1) 4oz Conductive Top Coat,
  • Coverage area depends on such factors as overspray and thickness of application.
  • Electronics are sold separately

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